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Campbell Works

27 Belfast Road


N16 6UN

0044 (0)208 8060817



Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions and Projects



Hang Show, Campbell Works, London.


Strung Think. Project198 Gallery/Residency. Bangkok, Thailand

Now Paint, Cho Why Gallery, Bangkok China Town,,Thailand.

The Disappearance of Alfred Partikel. Nues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop, Germany.

Shut Up, Campbell Works, London


Project Osiris, British Museum, London

Hot Summer Nights, Blam Projects, Los Angeles, USA

Exchange Rates, Fireproof, New York City, USA

I Dreamed The Taste of Crushed Brick. La Box, Bourges, France

IMT TEN, IMT Gallery, London.


New Positions in Sculpture, Schloss Pluschow, Mecklenburg, Germany

Foam, Grand Union gallery, Birmingham

Pigdogmonkeyfesto, Phoenix Gallery, Exeter

Deep East Winter, Mayors Parlour Gallery, London

Hoops Heaps & Hangovers, Scotty Enterprises, Berlin, Germany


Constellating Matters. Campbell Works, London

Foam, Attic Gallery, Nottingham.

Coming Up For Air. Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent

Foam, And/or, London, UK

Constellating Matters. Gallerie Wolkenbank, Rostock, Germany

ffooaamm, Project/Number, London, UK

Pigdogmonkeyfesto. Airspace Gallery, Stoke on Trent, UK

Land Skipe. Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Hot-One-Hundred. Schwartz Gallery, London

Ende, Kunstverein Schwerin, Mecklenburg, Germany


What are you hiding, Kunsthalle Kuhlungsborn, Mecklenberg, Germany

Co/Lab art projects fair, Los Angeles, USA

A Future That Long Since Began, Supernormal, Braziers, Oxford, UK

Accidental Purpose, online project, Quad Derby, UK

400 Women. Sugar City, De Fabriek, Amsterdam

Bread Head, exhibition, Die Faberei, Munich, Germany

Bread Head, participatory performance, Diessen, Germany


Bread Head, Campbell Works, London, UK

True Wood, Campbell Works, London, UK


When the dust Settles, Dalston Bunker, London, UK

Diastr, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, UK

400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK


Selected Curatorial Projects



Estate Agency, Campbell Works, London

Shut Up, Campbell Works, London


Painting Playing the Game of Painting, Campbell Works

Elastic Mediums, Campbell Works, London


Ringwear Plain Cover, Burchard Vossmann, Campbell Works, London

Post Work Party, Galand Lockwood, Campbell Works, London.

World Without End, Campbell Works, London


Kiko Presents, Campbell Works, London

Land Skipe. Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Project LALO. 10 galleries across Los Angeles / London, USA/UK

Side by Side, Hackney Museum, London, UK

To Klingon or not to Klingon. Campbell Works, London, UK